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Where Happy Souls Bloom promotes balanced living by teaching the art of a happy soul in a variety of Holistic SPA + massage sessions, astrology readings and different Self-led course to empower your everyday.

Where happy souls bloom offers in person holistic spa and massage treatments that incorporate sound and vibrational medicine, aromatherapy, meditation, massage and reiki to promote healing and overall wellness.

In addition, where happy souls bloom offers personalized astrology readings and a variety of different self-led courses to help you empower your life.

Our approach focuses on creating a meaningful experience with long lasting results in a loving and healing space.

What makes us different 

Our sessions speak to the body as a whole. Utilizing ancient wisdom, alternative modalities for healing, intuitive energies and customizing each experience to meet your specific needs and goals. 

We are ever changing unique beings and although each spa and massage session has a protocol you will notice that each time you come in there will be an element of uniqueness and personalization making each experience just for you. 


Shamanic, somatic and other powerful meditative techniques guide the emotional journey to balance and wholeness while massage techniques release physical tension in the body.


Our treatment protocols were developed to work on all clients at any phase of healing. 


Treatment provider has 16 years of experience.


Ancient wisdom is combined with modern day science to create powerful and profound treatments with results in as little as one session

Protocols layer tools, aromatherapy, touch, sound, Reiki and verbiage to communicate to the unconscious mind to create physical change in the body.

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Treatments are unique and one of a kind

Powerful yet peaceful approach to healing yourself with lasting results. 

Our sessions are decadent, and leave you feeling complete

You are guided in a live meditation meant just for you, this is NOT pre-recorded and is felt in the moment!

Sessions are provided using a holistic approach, considering the mind, body and souls needs. 

Spiritual experience with physical results!

Conscious conversation allows you to expand and grow beyond the session, take home practices are offered complementary to continue your evolution in the most aligned and integratable ways.

Guaranteed to leave feeling happy you Booked your session!

Why choose us

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